Winner of the 2009 Innovation Award by the Occupational Health and Safety Council. We are honored that our contribution to protecting workers is being recognized. We feel proud of this award, and proudly display it here



"Toothless in Calgary" A painful,costly front tooth repair is the result of me using a pick. I wish the contractor had known about the Piksafe back then. Dave Hutchinson


"I am a bobcat operator . I lost a front tooth being Mr. nice guy and helping a general contractor break out some frozen dirt. The piksafe would have prevented my injury. Brian Johnson
The railroad could certainly use this tool when clearing snow,ice and gravel from railway crossings. Tom S. Howe -retired railway engineer
There is always some pick work to do around manholes,valves etc. when repaving streets. This would certainly keep our workers safer and cleaner. John Reid
This is a no brainer. Use it to keep clean and safe. Safety glasses only protect the eyes - what about the teeth , ears and neck. Safety glasses and the piksafe would be the utlimate protection for the pick. Doug Ferguson