Such a simple idea, 100 years in the making. Picks and mattocks are blunt instruments that use tremendous force to remove hard ground. The picture below shows how that works. (you may click on it for an expanded view)

Unfortunately, that debris spray goes EVERYWHERE. Often times, it hits the worker, sometimes injury. Eyes, teeth, face are about the most sensitive parts of our bodies and yet they often get hit with this debris.

Introducing the PikSafe, our answer to chipped teeth.

Look at how the PikSafe safety shield modifies and controls the debris spray pattern. The worker is shielded with the majority of the debris directed downwards and a limited amount to the periphery, away from the user.

It will reduce the debris spray that can hit the face/torso by 90%.

The PikSafe is best seen in use. The slow-mo of the video shows how it controls the debris spray.

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Universal fit, proven reduction of debris and a product replacement guarantee. An ounce of prevention is worth keeping your front teeth.