Safer, cleaner, better. That is the PikSafe Promise. The safety features involve how the shield redirects and controls the debris spray, protecting the worker. (Full Safety Page)

(click to see a larger version of the pictures)
(click to see a larger version of the pictures)
One of the other key beneftis is the cleanliness part. The same debris spray which can hit an eye or knock out a tooth also makes for a VERY dirty, disatisfied worker.

Without Piksafe Shield

With PikSafe Shield


Workers, being now safer AND cleaner, will work harder, with less concern. Increased productivity with tools that work as hard as you do.


Warranty: Made from almost indestructable LLDPE the shield will take any and all punishment you can give it. We are so sure of this, that is has a 100% money back guarantee (full year).